The Corsor Chronicles

The Shrouded Isles

Session #16

The party continued in their chase/battle with the hag Old Black Olga Twigmouth. Eventually managing to corner her in the entrance hall with Cap’n Blood Chomper driving his cutlass and shortsword through her throat. Once they asked the hags about the missing tome. They were told that Olga had taken the tome but it had been stolen from her by a “Cat-person” which they assumed to mean a Tabaxi. The hags then allowed them to leave the cottage.

They began their journey back to Laketown collecting the children Fintan and Una along the way. The party camped on the way back at the edge of Midnight Lake with Vodos sleeping beneath the waters. In the morning as he left the rest of the party noticed three large shadowy shapes protruding from the water. Cap’n and Vodos both quickly realised that these might be the mythical islands that appeared in random locations in the three seas. Cap’n believing the old sailor stories that these islands were full of riches beyond imagination and the most beautiful women on the planet. He began to insist that the party visit these islands although was unsure how to get there considering his paralyzing fear of water.

Returning to Laketown the party began to overhear conversations about The Shrouded Isles which are supposed to be a sign of prosperity for the town. Once they had received their rewards from Townmaster Jerome Walsch and Priestess Tava the party went to see Baron Doyle about funding an expedition to the Shrouded Isles. While he seemed to be interested he pointed out that he lacked a ship and crew capable of sailing out that far into the lake. However, as it turned out Theo Domiel was putting together an expedition of his own and had requested Baron Doyle to join as a diplomat. He in turn delegated this responsibility to the party handing them the Regent’s Seal. They were sent to find Captain Jodoc Cole and join him on his mission.

Upon arriving on the eastern-most of the three islands that make up the archipelago the party were escorted to the town of Venture – which was made up from various over-turned ships. There they met the merfolk leader a merman by the name of Skwel who invited them to trade and sample the hospitably of the islands, while they waited to be able to speak with him. He suggested they seek out Diom-Diom the local seer.

Before heading to speak with her the party went and tried a few of the merfolk games, watched one of the traders diving for treasures and another being driven back by the sharks. As they walked back along the beach they stumbled upon multiple bones some of which were human but many seemed to be merfolk.



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